7. Light Drawing

just as i was starting to get stuck with interesting uses of light in photography, i resorted to the obvious, drawing with light has been around since the first exploration by Man Ray, but for some reason it always fascinates people. I have to say in the past i’ve found it a  bit repetitive, but it must have been the Anime and Manga Geek part of me that finds this series of images amazing.

Rob Walker has used light graffiti to create a representation of Goku’s (Dragon Ball-Z) Kamehameha blast.

‘Goku’ – Rob Walker

 The lighting colour mirrors what i explored in the fantasy art post, a luminous almost pure colour which cannot be created through non-digital painting. It also compliments Goku’s iconic orange clothing and illuminates the figures power and strength. A stunning image which captures the power and beauty of energy.

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