Street photography…

this task definitely got me thinking about lighting and exposure times, It started off well producing one image that fits with the brief and is an okay image, from there on it went down hill, but i got a lot of interesting texture pieces from it.

1. Cathedral ruins, on its own it is a pile of old bricks which people know vague information about, but with this school class and knowledgeable teacher the cathedral come alive.

2. Attempt at an escalator, My vision was to put my pinhole on an escalator going down pointing towards a large crows, it seemed like a good idea at the time so i exposed it for 5 seconds because it had worked so well on my first image. I miss timed it however and before the 5 second were up the camera hadn’t reached the group of people. Saying this i think it’s my favourite image of the bunch because of the directional lines and questions raised as to what it is.

3. this is meant to be a pub garden full of people drinking however for some reason i over shot it and just got the flags, and barely at that.

4. This was a wall with 2 girls sitting on it having a private talk however it wasn’t exposed for long enough and you can’t even see the girls, i think my camera needs a view finder so i don’t keep missing what i’m trying to shoot.

(The one thing i do like about this image though is the finger prints and scratches, it wasn’t on purpose i’m just a clumsy person but this is one effect of dark room photography that appeals to me.)

5. Building, again way overshot, with the street and the people i was trying to capture it could have worked quite well.

6) I couldn’t even tell you what these were meant to be, but they have come out as nice textures so i though i might as well include them.

what i’ve learnt from this task is…

* Not to get stressed out in the darkroom because the images look completely different once scanned in.
*Always use a view finder or find a level place to put your camera.
* How much light can have an effect even if it’s on a 2 second exposure.

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