More pinholes.

I’m a bit fed up of trekking all around cov and coming back with 1 image, sometimes not even that. so i’ve decided to make 2 more pinholes so i can take 3 images at a time. This time i’m using black spray paint instead of duct tape, it’s much easier. I’ve got one large box and one small tin but they are quite narrow so will have to find out the right shutter times. I found this formula to work out my camera fStop and from this i can use a light meter to work out timings instead of just guessing.

fstop= focal length/diameter

Twinnings Camera – 13.6/0.1 = f136

Hello Kitty Camera – 5/0.1 = f50

Lamb Camera – 6.5/0.1 = f65

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