more useless pinhole images.

so on my 4th day of pinhole working 11-5 in the dark room, i still have no decent images, me and Genea Bailey tried everything… got help from 3rd years to work out our F stops then use a light meter, but still no good results. My camera produces such contrasting, out of focus images, so we went to speak to Matt and came to the conclusion to start again, using cans. So as we ran to Wilkinsons and tried to drink a lot of fizzy, we made our cameras just in time for the dark room to shut. So lets hope tomorrow is the day…

But for now here are the rest of the failed images i have taken.

This was a 10 second exposure which has picked up bits but they are unclear and blurred.

No idea what this is meant to be… kind of cool though

You can kind of see the garden chairs in this image and tables, but not the people so it’s not relevant to the task at all.

Probably not even worth showing, but learn from your mistakes.

This image is defined at least, but because of the distance between the film and hole the contrast is insane. and you cannot see any detail of the building or the people on the streets

Bit of a failure of a day really, again, lets just hope tomorrow brings better things that i can actually hand in.

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