Tekken Review

Anyone who likes gaming will know about Tekken. With iconic characters and hours of button bashing it’s one of the best fighting games. And now it’s a film. Released in 2010 Tekken surprisingly is an American film, even though the original game was built via Namco a japanese company, this american identity is lost through the british cast. Usually i would see this as a plus, but i’m a little disappointed Japan didn’t get their first. It would be interesting to see how their approaches differ. The story follows Jin, in a world which has been corrupt, and divided into continents dictated by corperations, America being run by Tekken. Each year the world holds an iron fist game, a fight between the best fighters in the world, Jin makes it into Iron Fist and represent Tekken as the peoples choice. But he is not supporting Tekken. He wants to met and kill the Man that raped and killed his mother, the head of Tekken. But as his journey goes on he finds out more then he bargained for and is followed by twists and turns. In terms of fighting it’s top notch, not bruce-lee standards but pretty amazing. It could have followed the game more;  there are are a few iconic charters that feature like Yoshimitsu and Jin himself, but masters like King have been forgotten. As a film it is amazing, but when considered as an adaptation of the game it doesn’t quite fulfil the expectations.

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