Ian MacEachern

I’ve never come across his work before, but whilst researching social documentary images with cigarettes i came across these images. The use of cigarettes in Ian MacEachern’s work is so frequent that as i clicked through his gallery it became odd not to see them. His work features cigarettes as the much norm thing to so.

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I think with a lot of his work the closeness is lost, in nearly all the images the person has lowered there cigarette, they are stopping what they are doing perhaps because they are aware their image i being taken. Perhaps smoking is such an intimate personal moment, you don’t want to share it with strangers. Saying this in all smoking areas in clubs become like social frenzy’s, probably from the alcohol, but the fact everyone shares a common ground makes them seem more approachable, maybe only to other smokers. This could be another aspect to look at, when smokers meet eachother.

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