Review of pinhole work

After our class review of pinhole work i’ve decided to make a match box film camera, whether it was the individuals taking the images or the cameras, i think they all came out really well. Also I found out the exposure times are shorter because the film speed is higher, so maybe my images won’t be as blurred. Another thing we discussed is using a camera body and turning that into a pinhole, it would be interesting to do but i wouldn’t be able to get the idea that it has no control into me head, because when i hold a camera in my hand i know it limits my control.

For task 3 we have to control the image, and the lighting. I think because I am working with smoke I will look at the effects smoke has, using different exposures and different lighting. I will de-do task 2 because the pinhole’s focus is to large to concentrate on a small object in it’s natural surroundings, so for this reason i will take it out and see what happens

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