David Yellen – smoking = Power & Success

I’ve been looking at David Yellens book ‘Too Fast For Love” as part of our #FromTheLibrary sessions at uni. And I came across these Images from his commercial work…

 I fell in love with this Image the moment I saw it. Michael.K.Williams face is distorted, not only by the fade to black background which was probably achieved by a high light box  on the left. But also by the smoke. it’s a beautiful composition and works well in black and white because of the range of tones. Smoking is related in power in this image. People will associate smoking with Williams, a successful Actor.

They with probably do the same with this image of Rick Ross. An almost design based picture in which the smoke creates beautiful lines and curves. It fascinates me how something so deadly can be depicted in a way that makes it seem stunning. Corresponding with Ross’s Hoody it suggest style and art.

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