just been out shooting…

i remembered why i don’t like documentary now, i get so bored, wandering around aimlessly trying not to look conspicuous. And i ended up taking 17 images, which isn’t a lot so i’m going to have to go back out tomorrow, not now because of the torrential rain but i’ll do some of task 2 tonight, go out int the morning and take photos then hopefully have 2 rolls to develop. One thing i’ve  realised is that having bright blue hair and wearing bright clothes does not help. When your trying to hide somewhere unnoticed so you can take image without effecting peoples behaviour its very very hard, so i ended up shooting from the hip most of the time, using f2 and focusing a specific distance and trying to keep that distance from my subject, so it will be interesting to see how the images come out. I found myself missing situations as well. I was walking behind 2 business men and suddenly they stopped so not in photography mode i started walking round them, at that point they started lighting up, it was a beautiful composition and would have been perfect but because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind i missed it. Let’s just hope for better things tomorrow, and dress a little more dull.

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