Task 2

“Your focus of photographic interest in this task is to make images of the people that populate your chosen location. Your approach may be that of a documentary practitioner or you may choose to develop your practical approach to portraiture. Whichever; your decisions, experiments and practical research should be detailed throughout and supported by your sketchbook/diary.

Revisit your chosen location again devoid of human presence. This time you should look for the evidence of it’s erstwhile inhabitants and produce a series of photographic still-lives of this subject matter. You can document the artefacts in situ or away from the site (whichever you prefer), naturally/ artificially lit or a combination thereof, the crucial thing is that when we look at these items they should appear as something entirely new to us and drenched in the magic of your location and redolent of the way that you see the world.

You should again apply the knowledge garnered throughout Level One, drawing on inspiration from the range of artists and practitioners so far covered as well as your own research and investigations. You should continue to develop your own practice within the module and strive to communicate your unique vision of the world.”

I think for this task i want to move onto film, whilst pinhole is good its too time consuming, so i will work on film. My idea is to put cigarettes against a white background, and document it’s journey without a person. light it and see what happens. The image i have in my head is based on Richard Avedon’s work, not copying but using his lighting technique, plain background, then the object, with a white reflector/piece of paper in front of them with a light shining on it to create this almost light box effect. i want to keep the colours simple, and try and get a bright orange glow of the cigarette.

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