Club photography

After looking at smoking on the streets i now want to explore smoking in club smoking areas, one reason is it’s the only place i will ever go with smokers and the second is because it becomes the most sociable place. My aim for tonight is to do a roll of observation but also do a roll of asking people if i can take their photos and see how they differ. But in terms of technique I’m nervous about using my film camera because i know it will be dark and i have very shaky hands, especially after a few pints. So i thought best to look at some other photographers who photograph in dark places and see if i can work out how they create successful images.


I got this book out as part of our #fromthelibrary session and it’s perfect for what i’m looking for. The book explores nightlife at a club in mersyside during the 80’s. What I love about these images is that as someone who has grown up with digital cameras and mass sharing and publishing of images I see these as average

shots I could take on a night out, but when you look at them with the perspective that it was the 80’s the images completely change. Wood looks at “love” and male gaze in the club scene in a very comical way. the images are all very considered and the lighting is the kind i want to achieve tonight. All the people are brightly lit, but fro the background you can tell they were taken in a dark place. I’m assuming from the bright highlights on the cheek bones that a flash was used, probably with a disperser ¬†because the flash is covering the whole bodies.

But thinking about it i don’t want a flash, i know from experience this will not show the smoke, so i’ll have to keep on thinking.

I know i’ve posted about this recently, you can read these here. But his project called end of an age springs to mind when thinking about photographing in a club.

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