edits of first set

The thing i  love about this image is the binary opposition. On the left we see a punk, and assume he is lighting a cigarette (which he is) and then contrasting this on the right is a little old lady with a bright smile on her face.

The light in this image works so well at highlighting the key figure, it’s a shame you cannot see the smoke though, or her cigarette, unless told its not obvious she’s smoking but as an image i’m pleased it shows what i’ve learnt from the tasks.

Again the composition between punk and old ladies, but this time you can see he is smoking.

This image caught my eye because of the cool blue from moonlight and the fiery orange glow, it’s interesting smoking should have such an organic colour, and in this image look warm and inviting, but in fact is the opposite.

This is probably my bravest photo, i still took it even though she was facing me. and big step in my confidence. The cigarette is hard to see in this image, but i think being out of focus works well

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