after my indivudual tutorials i deffinately feel more at ease about the term. I had to approach people and make a considered portrait on them. It’s fair to say my first set were quite poor. but for someone who doesn’t like documentary and has never enjoyed doing it, the first step was just talking to people. I went out a second time and the images were a lot more considered and it seemed to come out more naturally. SO i think i have tackled my weaknesses. it wasn’t what i wanted to do but its paid off. I feel more confident now to go out and approach people. thats not saying that i’m going to do it all the time, but i know now if i need to i can.

In terms of the task, the idea of smoking needs to broadened because it’s becoming a bit straight forward, so i’m thinking at looking at peoples escapes. How people escape from reality and relax, it almost becomes an addiction for them. So i think the best place to start is with my own, what do i use as an escape, something which becomes my sanctuary and an alternate reality?

The first thing that springs to mind is anime and manga. It’s my obsession. And whenever i feel stressed or in need of relaxation, i either catch up on episodes of bleach and Naruto or run to forbidden planet. grab a copy of manga and read it for hours.

But how can i photograph this. there are physicals, the books and the dvd’s, or the narrative, figurines, games, little merchandise bits and bobs. I know this isn’t necessarily document a meeting at the moment but if i give myself the weekend so whip out as many images as i can then i can go from there. I will just be very rushed for finals. So for the next few days smoking is out the window.

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