Idris Khan

Idris Khan has always been an inspiration to me, not only are his images beautiful and captivating, but his approach is unique. Most of his work is based on Bernd and Hilla Becher . But his work which i most admire and is most relevant is his work with music sheets, Art books and the Quran…

i’ve been thinking about using this technique for my photographing manga books, however i don’t want to just copy him i want to create a new approach to this, but i have no idea how. I thought of scanning all the pages. i might try photographing the pages and scanning them and see how that comes out. finger crossed.

One thought on “Idris Khan

  1. I found myself inspired in a similar manner, although I took an architectural approach to creating images of space rather than 2D media – you may be interested in this series I have posted.

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