Task 3

i’ve just realised I haven’t posted anything about task 3 on my blog, which is silly because i did it weeks ago so here it all is in one…

“This final task is for you to now take control of the situation.

Your focus of photographic interest in task three is to make images of the people that populate your chosen location. Your approach may be that of a documentary practitioner or you may choose to develop your practical approach to portraiture. Whichever; your decisions, experiments and practical research should be detailed throughout and supported by your sketchbook/diary.

Your images can be made in situ or away from the site (whichever you prefer), naturally/ artificially lit or a combination thereof. You should again apply the knowledge garnered throughout Year One, drawing on inspiration from the range of artists and practitioners so far covered as well as your own research and investigations. You should continue to develop your own practice within the module and communicate your unique vision of the world.

The final element of task three is to use edit your work into a coherent piece. You may find that you have to revisit areas of tasks one and/or two and produce more images in order to do this (edit-up) or it may be that time must be spent discarding some to prove the right combination (editing-down). Likewise, decisions about scale and presentation methods will be crucial here along with the title of your piece.”


Thinking about this, the first thing that comes to mind is using light to control the cigarette smoke, somehow changing the image using smoke.



Klein was a bit of a rebel photographer, his images were often out of focus, over exposed and high contrasting which shocked and changed the photographic industry, and the idea of a perfect image. In a lot of his fashion work he used smoking as a sign of class and beauty, but incorporating his anti-perfect approach he used the smoke to distort the models faces, creating a barrier between the subject and the viewer. This could be an aspect i look at for task 3.



i chose to make them black and white because the colour took the attention away from the smoke too much.

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