group feedback

i’ve been holding back on my finals until this group feedback happened. i’ve accumulated so much work and i need to bring it together. The general response was the manga book images work the best as visually stimulating images, but there needs to be more to them. Jonathan Worth mentioned that they reminded of old book slides, this got me thinking instead of layering them on photoshop, i could print them off onto acetate or tracing paper and layer them, this way people could still take the layers out and read the pages. But how do i present them…

the next thing is, what to print on? colour? black and white? or both? size? spacing between images. so lots of work to do still.

need to…
buy a colour manga
make mini black and whites, colours and mixed
experiment with spacing
make finals and something to separate them

oh and change settings on scanner to make it high quality.

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