on acetate…

so i didnt want to just print these photoshop images off, because then it becomes flat. I suddenly thought why dont i print them on something see through and layer them that way. So i went out and bought acetate.

The images flatten it so much, they look a lot better in real life, I took 4 pages of a b&w manga and 4 of a colour manga jus to see whihc one looks better.

i honestly cannot decide which i prefer, the colour is more beautiful but this might be because its only 4 layers, what will happen when i do a whole book? i haven’t really got the money to experiment with this. Plus b&w manga is a more famous colour might not appeal to the same audience.I think for these reasons i want to go for b&w, i also tried adding a layer of colour…

but if i cary this on it needs to be done with a higher saturation, because the colours become lost.

I love this technique and the outcome is great, this is definitely what i want to do for my finals, now its just choosing a book, size and final presentation idea because i thought i would have to separate the layers but these work well all laid on top of each other. thinking about it maybe i could create a big main stream b&w with the colour cover on top, say 1 to 1 with the book. and make a smaller for personal colour one these size i made those prototypes.

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