so the idea was to print out every page of a book onto acetate paper and lay them on top of each other, but like i expected, if you use to much it makes it pitch black. So after i printed out chapter 1 (30 pages) of Mistress fortune i started thinking about other ways i could group them together, to make more then one image. As i reread the book i realised it divides into scenarios, so i went with this, some are only 4 pages long and some are 15. I also wanted to put the images in a box with a 1cm gap between each layer, but this completely didn’t work, it became hard to view it as one image because your eyes weren’t sure where to focus. So i took influence from the small colour one i made yesterday and contained and framed the acetate images by covering the ends in black tape. it creates a slide like effect. But also means it could be used as an art piece, stuck on a window or onto a light box, the images do not work without light behind them.

in terms of titles i have chosen quotes from that section of the story that sums it up, also if people look closely enough they can find these titles within the work.

the order goes…

“It’s a secret but i’m a psychic <3”
“i love you”
“Awakening Angels…Mistress Fortune”
“Love still has its back to me”

and Darkstalkers is a prototype if you like at how i am going to continue the project, making maybe not so big images of other manga.

I am very very happy with the out outcomes, it’s a bit annoying i couldn’t do a whole book in one image but this is something i can continue exploring, with more money and time i might have been able to resolve this problem.

so here they are 🙂

“It’s a secret, but I’m a Psychic”

“I love you”

“Awakening Angels…Mistress Fortune”

“Love still has it’s back to me”

“Dark Stalkers”

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