It took me a while to get to grips with this project but i feel happy with my results. When we had to do the pinhole work i felt drained because no matter how many days i spent in the dark room i didn’t get any clear crisp images, but this is an aspect of the pinhole camera which is so hard to control, however it has given me some interesting textures i could use in future work as layers. So task 1 didn’t go too smoothly, but as i progressed to task 2 and used a film camera, i began realising the impact light has and how it can be controlled, Task 3 was a rush, it got to the point where i wanted to concentrate on the main project. The main task was an intense journey. I had decided to carry on the theme of smoking, i’m not sure why now, it doesn’t interest me and i didn’t really enjoy photographing it or being around it. It was also obvious from my approach to documentary that i didnt like doing and and was nervous taking peoples pictures, so Jonathan Shaw helped me tackle this by going out and creating considered portraits of people for two hours. After this i felt i had tackled my weaknesses, but it was time to start really enjoying making images. This is how i came to taking manga and Anime images, it’s my refuge when i’m down. I’ve enjoyed exploring it, which is so nice to do. I realised i naturally try to capture whole things within one frame, nor sure where this need came from, but i decided to scan the whole mug, layer pages and do long exposures of anime. I think it’s probably so my work doesn’t become static and generic. This is something i really want to take forward, because there is such a wide, very obsessed audience for it. As i expand my collection of manga and merchandise this could progress, not necessarily as a project but as a collection of images i make over a long period of time. Whenever i make an image i always try and judge it by thinking, would i like it if someone else had taken it, and with a lot of my work the answer is no. But with these final pieces i reckon i would. It definitely has development, trying to work out how to captures a whole book without blacking the image out. I can’t wait to do this over summer.

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