My response to summer task brief…

I’ve been thinking about this summer task for a while now, I was apprehensive to start because i was excited about moving on and only revisiting areas I loved doing. but after going back over my blog I have managed to find 3 areas that i’m really interested in, and want to explore.

The first is recycling art, I looked at in post-modernism and in Banksy’s work. Artists taking direct references from their inspirations and regenerating it using their technique. Not using it as an influence but i direct source. This ties in with my Manga Series which i use other peoples work and reassmble it to create interesting art pieces. this could be furthered more.

The second is Night Photography, I never knew it existed as a technique and almost a genre in itself, until the easter task. I want to look at photographers like Troy Pavia and explore how it works and what makes it so different to standard daylight photography.

The last is Peter Lippmann advertising shoots, obviously taking a direct influence from Fine art but using the camera and lighting to create the iconic features of the style.

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