Photographing what I love

for my priject influenced by Peter Lippmann iv’e decided to go back to my list of things I love, Jonathan Worth Once told the class write a list of things you love, then if you are ever stuck with what to photograph use something off that list. This is my list.

 I tink using this list for this project is the way to go, Lippmann has so many personal projects he publishes, photographing what he loves and being influenced by Art. The one that sticks out to me the most at the moment is Benji – my turtle. For one thing he loves the camera, and also he is a Map Turtle and has the most beautiful markings on his body, this could link to many art styles, tribal and psychedelic being the two i can think of off the top of my head.

Alternatively I could look at 80’s pop and rock, and do some work with vinyl’s and covers, my first reaction is to create slow shutter pieces of the viynl’s spinning on the player, but which art movement can i use as a stylising influence?? psychedelic again? using the spinning colours? The obvious one would be Synchromism, a movement which uses a paintbrush in the way music is written, using a colour scale to evoke a musical piece, with little line and clarity, colour and movement are the key aspects. But how could this be achieved with a record player?

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