Where to go with the Manga series…

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and i’m stuck, maybe if i write everything down and idea will pop out (finger crossed). I started looking at overprinting onto one page instead of layering adhesives, because it was cheaper, but i’m having battle with myself over ownership, i’m all for using other peoples work with their permission but using artists like Tite Kubo’s work isn’t working that way because he i impossible to reach. A few friends suggested using a british Mangaka but then I have an issue with how can an non-Japanese Artist call their work Manga? Manga means Comic in Japanese. This is the problem with photographing what you love, its so hard to let little things slip. It would be good to team up with an artist to create work. So i think i’m going to let the idea of Manga just being Japanese go, and accept that Manga has become a genre in itself. Net step research British writers and contact them.

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