Fantasy shoot

so ive just been to buy propps. I have decided that most fantasy Art is done in editing, so i’m going to rely mostly on editing to change the images to how i want, using layers and painting areas. I realised i wrote in my book the plans for the shoot but didnt post them on my blog, so heres the plan…

Take  a basic photo  of a a toy horse, on a green background for editing, layer multiple images to create one final…
* Horse
Then edit them together and make them work together by playing around on photoshop, make the horse look more realisitc, paste real horse images into areas, add textures.


*Peering round door
All clothing is done on photoshop using images of leaves and flowers, Add wings, Use soft light but direct in her face like shes looking into something bright. High angle looking down.
* Shadow of fairy
see Slight feet and shadow on the floor.



*Bursting up through the water
Mermaid in water arms delicately out head up and hair everywhere. put barbie in the bath tub?
* silhouette
bright light water behind,mermaid silhouette

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