Initial toughts

I want to take this module 100% seriously I don’t want to end up with useless experiences making tea and not gaining anything from it. So I want to jot down my initial ideas about where I want to get experience.

NEO magazine – This would be my dream, NEO is the best magazine in the UK based around Japanese Pop Culture, which is not only my love but what the majority of my projects end up being based on. In my dreams I would love to do a series of CosPlay images for an issue of NEO. This is an idea I will have to pitch to them, but i think it will need tedious planning. Booking out the studio and taking portraits with lighting ideas. I want to approach NEO with a full idea in place, literally offering them a finished idea that they could use. This is a long shot, but it could happen who knows.

This is the only real experience i’m thinking about at the moment, which is why i need to do research and think of more places, I would love to do a week or two in a commercial magazine maybe NEO or a photography magazine.

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