Day 1: Nadav Kander

A few weeks ago I was asked to help out at a shoot by world renowned Nadav Kander, I was nervous and unexperienced but the day was worthwhile. Not much else I can say about it for legal reasons but maybe one day I can expand.

Updated 17/4/2012

The image which Nadav Kander created on the day I did work experience for him is now public. I can expand a little bit more on my role as well.

The main job I did was to move equipment, set up stands and lights. I also had to act as an extra, Nadav asked me to sit in the top right corner of this photo right at the back. The day was a real learning experience about how to compose images and how much attention to detail is key. I don’t want to discuss too much because Nadav Kander is a brilliant  and talented photographer and I wouldn’t want to revel too much about his work. But the day was amazing, I may have been side tracked form time to time, I tended to get mesmerised by the way Nadav worked and occasionally stopped working to watch him, this is something I need to work on in the future, I need to remain professional and hardworking no matter who I am in the company of.

I will defiantly look into becoming a photographers assistant, it is hard work but you get so much out of every day, I would rather learn through doing then through books.

Nadav Kander’s first assistant wrote a review on my work progress…

We were really pleased to have Daisy working as a part of our team yesterday. She was quick to pick up on the way we work and what was expected on set, she oversaw a section of the lighting – positioning it, adjusting it as necessary as we went along and then de-rigging during the strike of the set. Daisy worked really well with the other assistants to keep the momentum of the day moving forward and bringing us in on schedule.

-Felicity McGabe, assistant to Nadav Kander

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