Placing Photographic Practice in Context

This module is not only exciting but going to be a very good test of my organisation skills.

Practical Portfolio


This task is a Collaboration between us (the photographers) and the 2nd year Fashion and Accessory students. I will be working with 3 other girls, Martina Vezenkova, Rasma Rozentāle and Jade Hughes, all Fashion and Accessory students.

The Fashion students will be creating the outfits based on Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons. After the pieces have been made we will then work together to come up with a concept for a shoot. The shoot has to be out of the studio environment and as creative as possible.

The First Brief

  • Very Young Commercial Audience
  • For the Clothes Show Live event in December
  • The Images will be posters
  • One images per Fashion Student (3)

The Second Brief

  • Conceptual images about what the Garment/Fabric represents and what they can symbolise.
  • Move away from high street fashion.
  • No models allowed.
  • Think about Post-Production.
  • Weave in theories of representation.

Important Dates

27/10/2011 – Initial Group Idea Critique
21/11/2011 – Interim Group Critique
01/12/2011 – Final Submission



  •  1500-2000 word essay about representation.
  • From any theory introduced in this module.
  • pick one theory, work out photographers/artists to focus on, work out essay title
  • Title has to have ‘Representation(s)’ in.
  • Images can be added.
  • Reference everything.
  • Proposal (24/10/11) – 500-600 words typed.

Important Dates

Proposal 24/10/2011
1-1 Feedback 31/10/2011
Final Submission 24/11/2011


So i guess for the practical task i need to

  • Research ‘clothes show live’ and it’s passed advertising campaigns
  • Research Conceptual Art
  • Read book on lighting and fashion photography
  • Work out a realistic schedule that will allow time for printing and re-shoots.
  • Work out themes and ideas with the Fashion Students and then research that.
and for the Essay I need to
  • Look back on all my work, try and figure out which theory if any apply to my work, and if none which am i most interested in and why
  • Read essays on that subject
  • Research Artists and Photographers
  • Write the proposal
Better get started!!!!

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