Representation of…

For this representation essay i really want to study something that will be relevant to me, because i will be putting so much time and effort into it.

The subjects that are suggested are gender/class/sexuality/history/capitalism/beauty. Initially Gender jumps out at me because I regard myself as quite a strong feminist. But exploring something which i already have a set opinion on may not work, because i dont think i’m likely to change my mind, on the other hand it could work in my favour because i am passionate about it. The other word that Jumps out is beauty, i think it’s because it would be interesting to try and define beauty, because i believe it cannot be done.

The best thing to do is look through my blog and as i do write down if any themes or issues come up then see which is the most common…

I’ve had a look through and  know i definitely want to explore something to do with social medias, it’s the most powerful tool and is often overlooked, exploring this could enhance my knowledge. but how can i look at representation and social media, i could look at photography itself as a whole, but thats so broad i would become confused and would have too much to say. I could look at self representation and self branding through social media but that doesn’t focus on photography enough for me, i would started to talk more about tweets and posts then images. I could debate does social media help or hinder photography but that has nothing to do with representation.

other areas i thought about were Pop Culture, Japanese Photography, Ideal Narrative i.e. disney, fairytale, using theorists like propp and todorov, but i really want to explore social media because it’s so topical and important.

i decided to try and link representation, photography and social media, i could link all seperately but not bring them together…


The only title I could come up with that linked all three was, ‘Have Social Medias given photographers more power over how they are represented?’ but even when i read this title i’m not 100% how i would explore this or what it even means, the more i read it the less i’m convinced this could work. I’m going to have to think harder for a few days about titles.

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