Daily Update

The fashion task deadline has been moved forward almost a month, so me and my team worked out we now have 1 week to research, develop and design the garments, one week to make the garments and one week to shoot the images.

This gives me 2 weeks of research for the first shoot and then I will have 2 weeks to shoot other conceptual art images.

I want to keep a daily update about how the group are doing and also to keep me on my toes with regards to the project.

Our group seems strong it consists of me, Martina Vezenkova, Rasma Rosentale and Jade Hughes, from what they have told me they seem pretty set on a theme, Jade will be using bits and bobs from her memory box and expects her section of the scarf to be quite colourful and Martina produced old pictures of her granddad, she is set on using the worn textures and sepia colours of these images, Rasma is not 100% yet but i’m sure she will produce something amazing.  We are in conversation via facebook about the project which i will post on here as it develops. I’m feeling pretty confident that we will be organised I just wish i could get more stuck in now.

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