Face to Facebook – smiling in the eternal party

This is a theory published by two men, Paolo Cirio a media artist and Alessandro Ludovico a media critic. These men very cleaverly design software that exploits online media instituions. They manage to find holes in the terms and conditions of big institutions such as Google Amazon and Facebook and then build software that gains them access to millions of peoples “public information”. After lots of analysing they use their findings in theories. The newest on is called “Face to Facebook” and the key part of their theories I am interested in is this…

“First, the profiles sublimate the owners’ (real) social actions and references through their virtual presences. Second, they synthesize their effectiveness in representing real people through a specific element: the profile picture. This picture, an important Facebook interface, more often than not shows a face, and a smiling one at that. Our face is our most private space and simultaneously the most exposed one. How many people are allowed to touch our face, for example?
And generally speaking, the face is also one of the major points of reference we have in the world.

There are even “special” regions of the human brain, such as the fusiform face area (FFA), which may have become specialized at facial recognition [3]. Faces are now so exposed that they do not remain private, but are thrust into the public domain and shared (they can even be “tagged” by other people). So any virtual identity (composed of a face picture and some related data) can be stolen and become part of another identity, through a simple re-contextualization of the same data. “

Amazing analysis by these two, explore how intimate our faces are but yet we offer it for the world to see. You can read the rest of the theory here

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