Controversial Twitter DP’s

For my essay I decided the way forward was to research self posted controversial images on social networking sites rather then looking for artists work.

From what I have experienced these have been the strongest cases of how self-representation online can backfire.

Serena Williams

This was the Image posted by Serena Williams, which caused controversy.

A little pervocative perhaps but not worth debate, that is until you learn that before this image was posted Williams had imposed a restraining order on a 40 year old man for stalking her, some saw this image as inappropriate because of this, like she is almost teasing men, but others like me think that the problem lies within the viewer rather then Serena, if you see this image and think that gives any one the right to stalk and intimidate Serena then thats not fair on her. However, as a twitter user I am used to the concept that celebrities are normal people who now have the power over the press. If this image for example was published in a Lads mag or any magazine then I might feel differently but the fact Serena Williams took the image in a a private area and then shared it on her twitter makes the image more innocent. I guess everyone see’s the online world differently.

You can watch ABC news’ coverage of the story in this video…

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