Roland Barthes – ‘Camera Lucida’

I purchased Roland Barthes book ‘Camera Lucida’ about 2 years ago, when I was feeling like I needed to know more about photography. I read it, well I say i did but most of it went straight over my head. This essay project is the perfect time to re-read the book and hopefully this time get a greater understanding of what Barthes was saying. I have found many people online during searches regarding self-representation online advising me to read this book as although it was published in 1980 is still relevant to Photography today. I will spend tonight and tomorrow reading the whole book and will constantly update this post with useful quotes, chapters, images and anything else that could apply to social media.

  • “The various distributions we impose upon it (photography) are in fact either empirical (professional/amateurs), or rhetorical (Landscapes/Objects/Portraits/Nudes), or else aesthetic (Realism/Pictorialism)” – chapter 2 – I’m interested in the Rhetorical idea, a profile picture is essentially a Portrait, this confused me to start with so when i found the rhetorical also meant to impress or persuade I realised that this is true of Display Pictures, they are almost like n advertisement of ourselves we put forward in order to impress people or persuade them to be friends with us.
  • “I am not a photographer, not even an amateur photographer: too impatient for that: I must see right away what I have produced”
to be continued…

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