Daily Update: Martina’s Idea

So i’ve asked the fashion students i’m working with on this task to send me a short description of what they are doing, and this is what they have said…

What Martina is doing sounds very interesting and has got me excited about the shoot, I can’t really do much else until Jade and Rasma have updated me but hopefully that will be done when I see them on monday, I want to come up with a concept for the first shoot which ties in with all 3 themes, because their project is based on collecting items maybe something like a wall of posters, but then you also have to think about the target audience, they will be quite young and probably appreciate something aesthetically beautiful rather then conceptual, thats what the second shoot could be for.

All seems to be going well, it’s just going to be an intense week next week of research and coming up with exciting concepts for the shoots, but it should be fun.

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