chosen essay title

As I was looking through the library books i found interesting, I came across the book “David LaChapelle” by Davide Faccioli.

This book looks at various pieces of David LaChapelle’s work. His pop-art-esk style and surreal use of lighting with obvious influence from photomontage is what appealed to me at first. I flipped through the pages of this book and thought “I could write an essay on Pop Culture in Photography” and this was my intentions until I looked at the rest of his work. Most of his work is based on religion and is seen as¬†controversial. Instantly I got excited, religion as a theme is the same two of my favourite photographers Pierre et Gilles use in their work. So it’s Decided my title will be…

‘The Representation of Religion in the work of Pierre et Gilles and David LaChapelle’

I am very excited in starting my research and writing the essay, that is a feeling the old title didn’t give me so i knew I had to change it.

Plan Of Action

* Research David Lachapelle in depth
* Find 2 essays with David Lachapelle’s work in.
* Find 5 articles about David Lachapelle
*Research Pierre et Gilles in depth
*Find 2 essays withPierre et Gilles work in.
*Find 5 articles about Pierre et Gilles
*Research religious representations in art history and photography

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