David LaChapelle ‘American Jesus’

American Jesus is a series entitled by LaChapelle in relation to  Walt Witman’s Poetry, in the one versions introduction chapter to ‘leaves of grass’ there is a reference to him as the American Jesus, because he didn’t see the body as sinful thing and he found god in nature, as LaChapelle explains in this video interview. In this series LaChapelle explore religion and modern day, Sets of images like ‘Jesus is my home boy’ play on the well know phrase used as a joke, the images bring biblical scenarios and imagery together with modern day culture, creating Pop Art out of the Christian Faith. Some people have strong opinions about this, (you can read Elisabeth Kay’s review here on artnet.com which expresses a negative response) they believe it is sacrilegious and sexualising religion, I see it as a unique insight, all the references are correct and are realistic as a modern day scenario. The Images with michael Jackson Caused the most controversy, they were realised after his death and picture him as a martyr.

‘Anointing’ 2003
‘last supper’ 2003
‘hold me, carry me boldly’

Video explaining the Michael Jackson Images…
[redlasso id=”4e92b6ec-3fd2-4847-950d-399adb3e4b35″]

‘Awakened Jesse’ 2003
‘The deluge’
‘Pieta with Courtney Love’

 Video explaining courtney love shoot…

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