Daily Update for the 22nd

I got so engrossed in the work of David LaChapelle yesterday I forgot to do my daily update…

So this is the update of the facebook group message,
Very excited now it’s all coming together, tomorrow I know I will be seeing Jade and Martina’s projects, and hopefully Rasmas too, then we can start thinking about locations, themes, lighting and makeup. I forgot to say before Martina did modelling for her friend last year and said she enjoyed it and the pictures came out well so she offered to be a model for this shoot, which is great, she is a beautiful girl and because it’s her work being photographed i’m sure she will put 100% in. For this project I have to hand in 3 images, one for each girl, as a group we have decided to combine all 3 pieces of material together because they are quite small, and then in each shot the girls will style the garment and image.

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