‘Pierre et Gilles’ by Taschen

This book is practically the summary of Pierre et Gilles working lives together. Pages 12-65 pages feature a visual timeline of their lives. These are some of the quotes that relate to religion.

“On returning from India, Pierre et Gilles start working on religious themes and saints. They make several videos, TV ads for La sardine and jingles for Canal+.” – 1987 (Page 36)

“At the same time as their work on the saints, they explore ,mythological themes” – 1988 (Page 38)

And these are some of the Images with reference to Religion

‘Sainte Marie MacKillop, Kylie Minogue 1995’

Saint Mary MacKillop was canonised in october 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, 101 years after her death, she is the first Australian Saint to be recognised by the church. For part of her life she was Banned from the Church because of her involvement in helping to expose a sex-abusing priest. Pierre et Gilles’ photography depicting Kylie Minogue as her cannot be in celebration of her being canonised because the image was taken 15 years before it happened, this leads me to think that they have a strong knowledge of the Catholic church. In fact there is a picture in this book that suggests this too.

“Gilles on the first day of his communion”

This is a photo of ‘Gilles on the first day of his communion’, there are no images of pierre’s childhood in relation to religion, so this is something i will definitely have to explore more.

‘Diane, Naomi Campbell, 1997’

This portrail of the Roman Goddess Diana, (the huntress and protector of the wild) uses Naomi Campbell at the height of her modelling career. Are they referencing the way we view celebrities? like gods? are they making a strong comment on our celebrity cult society? probably.

The List of celebrity represented as religious icons goes on…
Claudia Schiffer as Venus


 These are the Representations of Christianity in this book…


The book talks about Pierre et Gilles’ travels to India and home their religious work started after this, could it have been the Hindu religion that made them so interested in art, and maybe offered them a culture shock, going to work which still idolises and lives by gods, not celebrity like the West.

These images are two of my favourites of Pierre et Gilles’ work, the colours representing femininity and masculinity compliment eachother well and realte to the story of Krishna and


Ancient Roman/Greek

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