Daily Update: all coming together

Yesterday we had our meeting together, and the girls showed me their work, all the ideas fit really well together. Martina’s idea is constructing these compositions out of old photographs, she has taken the patterns of the tares and textures to make these beautiful roses, sitting in these roses are some images of her granddad on a beach which she found really super heroes-like so imposed the iconic super hero attire of batman and captain america. Jades idea is a repeat pattern of something she found in her memory box. and Rasma is working with textures and images of old books, but has not compiled her final design yet, but from the sounds of it all the themes work well together. I think we need to start pushing ourselves though because as for the shoot we have no ideas, i feel like i don’t know enough about their project to start researching, and I feel that as a group we need to come up with a theme for each shoot, so that we can start gathering artists research lighting ideas and the rest. I’m hoping the girls will work with me in this, which i’m sure they will but once they have printed it only gives me a week to do research, develop idea, creating lighting plans and do all 3 shoots. Which isn’t long at all.

This is what i’ve sent the girls in order to keep the project on target.

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