Second Life

so in yesterdays session we learned loads about changing your avatars appearance. We were told about this site…

Second Life market place
The market place is second life’s version of amazon, you can pay real money for clothes, skins, hair and other stuff. Or you can download free clothes, but most are demos, the other place to find free clothes is hobo island, it’s amazing.

My Avatar about to start shopping in Hobo Island
Choosing some clothes

You buy the clothes by clicking on the poster, then it is added to you inventory.

new nailvarnish

 This is nearly the finished me I just need to find a better skirt, and sort my face shape out so it doesn’t look so tense.

The good thing about this Shopping area is it has a male section, a female section, body parts section and other bits, including boxes of loads of clothes, gestures and skins.

I want my avatar to be a mimic of me, I did have blue hair, it’s only white now because I cannot afford blue, so my Avatar will be me but with blue hair.

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