Professional Experience

I’ve just come back from a day of lectures, in which companies and projects cam into coventry uni and asked us to help them. I knew the day was going to offer me opportunities but I had no idea how excited it would make me about the next year and how much work is out there.

The first talk was by ERASMUS, a coventry uni based organisation that give you funding for working or studying abroad. This is a no brainer for me, they basically pay your tuition fees for your stay out there and give you 365 euros for every month you are there, on top of this you still get your maintenance grant because you are part of coventry university still. I will go for a meeting on friday to discuss more opportunities with Erasmus but I have decided that I want to do one term this year away and one term next year, the term this year is between Paris and Holland for me, and I would do it after easter because we have time off to do work experience, the studying doesn’t count as work experience but I would do a project along side it that would. and for year 3 I 100% want to go to Sweden for the first term, this wouldn’t count as professional work experience but in terms of experience would be life changing.

I never thought I would be interested in the Whale Nation pitch, because I am terrified of anything that lives under water, and the water itself. But then as I listened I found out they offer other experiences and one jumped right out to me. The project is called HeART Cultural Centres , it’s basically an opportunity to go to Sierra Leone for an amount of time and teach kids about photography and help them create their own work, I need to research more about this because of costs and things like that but it seems amazing, not only does it give you the opportunity to help children it will also help me gain a greater knowledge of cameras and photography and also help build my confidence as a photographer. This also is something I want to do over the summer so wouldn’t actually count towards my 20 days but again that doesn’t matter it’s the experience that makes it worth while.

The Last thing that I will pursue and am very interested in is joining the East Asian Film Society at coventry. I have a love for Asia and Japan in particular already, because of my obsession with Anime and Manga and want to explore this further, it would also be a great way to meet contacts, one magazine in particular who I know attend CEAFS events is NEO a magazine that I have been trying to contact for while about doing a project for them. I also have experience in reviewing because I run a blog for a video Production company called Boko Creative, I review online videos which help promote their company. I have already made the necessary connections with people and applied for the position but i know they only have a few so fingers crossed.

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