Responses to images

This is the pdf i sent Religion in the work of Pierre et Gilles and David LaChapelle

“The first group of photos I quite like, Jesus spent time with those society marginalized. The last photo supports Hollywoods views of Jesus but make me feel uncomfortable.” – Jade Chambers – Christian

“1. I do feel if Jesus was around he would be with the people in picture 1, however as a last supper picture I feel it is an unfair representation of the disciples. 2 and 3 are fair representations. 4 saint sebastian – I think is a catholic saint and I do not know enough to comment” – Lindsey Ware-Jarrett – Youth worker and Christian

“I’ve come across the first set before. Like many classical pictures these show Jesus as being from a different world to the other characters. They miss the point that Jesus came in the flesh. They do however serve at a more abstract level to show that Jesus came for all people at all times.
The picture of St Sebastian, again like the best known pictures of him (eg Botticelli), don’t tell me why he is being martyred. The body has taken over from the story.” – Jim Stewart – Cannon – St James Church, Kent

“1. ‘Jesus is my homeboy’ – It’s fine in that it shows Jesus as eating with comtemporary street or gang members (possibly) but he looks like the singer from Reef and he’s dressed as 1st century Jewish which is weird.
2. ‘Jesus in kitchen with girl’ seems a deliberate attempt to be provocative as Jesus appears to be actively involved in the beginnings of some kind of foreplay, rather than what I think it may be supposed to portray which is Mary Magdalene washing his feet with her hair. It’s way too intimate; in the Biblical account she did this in the presence of a small group of people and she was fully clothed or would have been dragged before the Jewish leaders.
3. ‘Jesus in street defending prostitute’ – Again with the Reef singer and ancient clothing. It’s just not relevant or gritty enough because he seems too much of a mythical figure out-of-place
4. ‘Some guy hanging with arrows in him’ Looks like Taylor Lautner from Twilight and I think it’s meant to be a bit homosexually provocative which is not cool” – Martyn Chapple – Church Deacon

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