The Girls Styling and location ideas

Rasmas Shoot

The work Rasma showed me in our meeting was mainly based on movement, I noticed she had used some of Nick Knights photographs as inspiration. She also showed me some images of models wearing loose clothing, then a light is shone behind the model, you can see her silhouette and the pattern of the fabric, this is a great idea which could be combined with movement. She is thinking of displaying these in a collage way combining images of books and the fashion shoot. Her model will be wearing all black, and possibly black gloves. Rasma also wants the models hair slick back.

Nick Knight

Jades shoot

Jade seemed set on what she wants which is great, it was the same kind of idea i had when i saw her scarf, she wants a plain background, the model to be almost mummified in the scarves from neck to hip, the shoot will be from the hip up, the models body will stay in the sam place but her arms will move to form structural shapes, these images will then be edited together, each in a triangular shapes that go round and fit together. Each triangular image will be different, using accessories like sun glasses to create variety. She said she wanted an ASOS look book style shoot.

Martinas Shoot

Martina loved the work of Clarence Sinclair Bull that i sent to her, i think from that she has decided she wants a vintage classic shoot. She wants her make up classy and sophisticated with red lipstick. The fabris will be used in a turban style headscarf, and to cover the body in the other scarves.


In terms of locations we have been thinking abou many possibilities? what if it rains? the brief said no studio setting so plain walls probably aren’t wanted. We have com up with 3 locations that we will choose from on the day, Browns Cafe, this will be our last resort, it is a beautiful cafe with a brown musky atmosphere that will suit the scarf prints. The Underpasses beneath the ring road, these are grimey spaces, with great lighting that will contrast to the traditional subjects on the scarf. Also I think it will work really well for Jades shoot, if we make sure the camera is in the same position at all times and straight the tiling on the walls could look really effective, it would make a spiderweb like background when the images are edited together. The third location are some ruins we found in a path of grass, which i think would work best for Rasmas shoot.

It’s all go, we have a long check list of things we need and the day is going to be really exciting.

All the girls are going to be using simple classic makeup to keep to the commercial brief.

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