Daily Update: Martinas shoot

So everything went wrong this morning! Our lecture was cancelled, at first i thought yes gives us extra time to shoot. Then I found out Rasma is on an interview for work experience today and she found out last minute. That’s fine, it’s an amazing opportunity for her, I wouldn’t want her to miss out. So the plan was to shoot Jade and Martinas ideas today. However we then found out Jade and Rasma’s scarves haven’t been printed yet, they were meant to be done by last Friday. I’m not blaming the technicians at all, they have not been given enough time to print. So we could only shoot Martina’s shoot today. And fingers crossed the scarves are done  by tomorrow. After all of this I expected the shoot to be a disaster, it was just one of those days, but it went really well, we chose a black crumbling pillar to shoot against and I think the shots came out great, they don’t have anything particularly “my style” about them but for commercial shots I think it went really well. Pictures will be up later 🙂 so keep your eyes peeled.

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