Examples of photography CV’s

Taken from: cvtips.com

I think this is ok, it looks bland and isn’t very passionate, the kind of CV that I imagine if an agent or employer saw this, it would easily be forgotten. I think as a photographer as well you should definitely have a photo of you and have links to your work. Make it easy for the employer to choose you

Found on: adamrowney.com

I like the use of one single image in the background. I don’t think for a photography CV should feature old jobs such as working in Vodafone. It could be relavent, depending on the job.

Found on: harry-cplat.posterous.com

I think i’m in love with this CV, it’s quirky and one to remember. The use of @ symbols suggests a modern, young techy person. The only thing is that some people may be put off by the quirkiness and the cartoon, but thats a risk i guess you have to take. Especially in such a competitive environment. The use of one colour throughout the CV but still maintaining a smart clean look is great.



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