My CV Text

  • Personal Details

    Daisy Ware-Jarrett

    79 Northfield Road

    Coventry, CV1 2BS,



  • Artist Statement
    I create photographs not only because I love visual aesthetics, but because of the freedom it gives me. The majority of my work comes out of a need to do something that hasn’t been done before. Wether it be through content, production or technique I like to push boundaries. My style tends to be colourful and quirkiness with a sinister twist. A juxtaposition that creates unique results.

  • Professional Artist Training

    Photography Ba(hons) @ Coventry University  2010- Current

  • Art Related Employment

    One of 5 assistants on Nadav Kander Shoot 20/09/2011

    Host of sponsored by Boko Creative  10/2011 – Current

    Website Building skills (XHTML & CSS writing)

  • * Adept Photoshop skills

    * Good knowledge of Lighting techniques

    * Professional Training in Second Life

    * Video Filming and editing

    * Darkroom knowledge

    * Skilled in Social Media


    Artistic Achievements N/A

    Exhibitions N/A

    Portfolio link

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