CV’s are something I am very familiar with. But not based on photography, I have written numerous CV’s for saturday jobs, so this will be great to get a proper Photography CV sorted, so many times when applying for a job or work experience I am asked to present a Portfolio, I want to think of my CV as a cover letter for my portfolio, they will always go together and they support each other, the Portfolio shows my skills and my CV shows experience. A perfect combination. This is my CV as it stands, it’s not great, I use it to apply for any work other then photography. I want to do this properly so will research in photography CV’s, I also love the idea of presenting it in a creative way, but this is something I will research after the content is written. Looking at the headings in the previous post that were suggested to us by the uni I doubt I will have that much experience, but that’s what this module will provide for me. I also need a new serious picture, professional, I may book out the studio and make one.

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