Fashion Task: second brief

I almost completely forgot about the second brief, I have been spending so much time and energy on the first one. Okay so this task is more aimed at the photographers, the fashion students can help, but they will not be getting marked on it. Only I will. This is the brief…

The second brief (2) is much freer and requires further photography to take place, which may produce

a very different type of imagery. You may choose to conduct this at the same time, or in a secondary
shoot or shoots. In this case we would like you to think much more conceptually about what garments
or fabric represent and what they can symbolise. Again, these images should be created away from an
orthodox studio environment. These shots will be used to act as promotional images that  may be
suitable for both the fashion and photography students themselves. For this imagery you are
encouraged to move away radically from the constraints of high street fashion and to shoot the
clothes/garments/accessories without models. Consider much more creatively all aspects of the shoot
including: style, mood, composition, lighting, location, arrangement etc. Also think about innovative
post-production and treatment of your images in a very high or low-tech way. This section of the
project is your opportunity to be completely experimental, challenging and thought-provoking in your 
outcomes, and to find ways to weave in some of the theories of representation you are learning through
both the lecture series and you own personal study.
All students must  also detail their part in the execution of the shoot. Include individual idea
development and a record of the project progress as each stage happens."
So this is very different from the last task. I should start by looking into things like, what silk represents,
 what each girls patterns represent and research artists who have done more edgy conceptual art. 
On first opinion I would lok to cary on the theme of movement in Rasmas shoot I think the silk material creates beautiful shapes, 
however I want to really think about this and come up with a concept that may not be apparent when you look at the image but when given supporting text raises issues.

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