Essay Introduction

In my essay titled “The Representation of Religion in the work of David LaChapelle and Pierre et Gilles” I want to be precise about what I write, usually I babble on which is fine if you aren’t confined to 1500 words, it sounds like a lot but realistically for the amount I have to talk about it’s not. This is why I need to plan each section thoroughly. My Introduction needs to be strong. The topic that comes to mind is a brief introduction to the role religion has played in Art. Obviously this is a massive subject. So lets narrow it down…

* Religious Funding – Church controlled the art
* Religious art in he catholic church today.

I started to write and it just flowed which is good :), this is the introduction I have come up with

“There is no doubt that Religion has played a key part in Art’s history, especially in Europe. When we look at some of the most iconic sculptures and paintings from the last 1000 years that have emerged from Europe, most of them have religious themes. Michaelangelo’s ‘David’ (1501-1504) refers to the biblical story of David and Goliath, Leonardo Davinici’s ‘Last Super’ (1496-1498) to Jesus’s last meal with his disciples and Raphael’s ‘Sistine Madonna’ (1513-1514) depicts Mary holding the new born baby Jesus. But why did all the great artists feel the need to paint religious narratives? In many cases it wasn’t because the artist was religious. At the time that all the images were being produced, the Church was the centre of everything including politics, money and art. Churches would commission artists to produce divine imagery, maybe as a self promotional tool, but often because the majority of the public couldn’t read, so paintings helped the “plebeians” understand biblical stories. It also benefited the artists because the Church was the only place that really had Art on display, other then the bourgeoisie’s homes, but these weren’t accessible to the public. So where does this leave Religion in Art today? In a society which is obsessed with possessions and in which the Church has little power and money. “

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