Manuel Nogeuira: Technicolor

Manuel Nogeuira produced this Technicolor series. He explains why he created this project.

This story was created mainly due to aesthetic demands that I was feeling. The idea was to create many visual elements without the need for digital post-production. Of course the photos were a bit manipulated, but the raw image was made using optical filters, color filters, shadows, reflections and highlights. I’d like to see more experiments in contemporary publications, I think this just adds knowledge and challenges to all involved. Well, this will create a story to illustrate this fashion – a visual essay is more than a strictly linear narrative.

Photographer: Manuel Nogueira
Stylist: Maurício Mariano
Beauty: Simone Barcelos
Modelo: Carla Pagot (Way Model)
Digital Retouch : Estudio Gomo

This piece in particular reminds me of a prism, possibly influenced it.

©Manuel Nogueira

See the rest of the series here

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