Past Image Taken in Sea Cadet Hall

I have ben told for the Sea Cadet shoot it will take place in the Sea Cadet hall, this is great i have shot there before, for various functions and the lighting is really soft and good. One thing I assume about group shoots, is to set the aperture to f22 the smaller the aperture the more depth of field you have, making sure no one is out of focus. I will definitely do tester shots I need to get in the habit of really preparing before a shoot.

Some images I have taken at the Sea Cadet Hall before…

Engagement Party 2011

This image was taken when only a few disco lights were on, this is not the ideal lighting for the shoot.

This image was taken just as the lights were turned of, obviously not the ideal lighting, but the backdrop is a possible place for the cadets to stand.

This image was taken with full lights on, probably the best lighting, but it does require a longer shutter speed this image was taken at f 4.5 with 1/15 exposure time. If i were to use these settings i would require a tripod and would have to inform everyone to stay still for a tiny bit longer then usual.

However earlier I was saying its best to shoot at f22 to make sure everyone is in focus, this is why i need to do a test shoot ASAP.

Sea Cadet beat retreat

 (I have lost the originals on a dead hard drive but i have them printed in my old sketch book, sorry about poor quality, they are photos of photos)

This was a personal shoot I did for fun when I went to a beat retreat the Sea Cadets did.

* coming soon *

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