second brief ideas

so i’ve lookd at the properties of the material itself, now i want to look at the properties of each pattern that was printed onto the fabric? i want to try and create a conceptual piece that combines talks about the process of creating, i.e killing silkworm, the fabric properties themselves i.e. the prism like structure of silk, or exploring the themes the fashions students did.

Martinas was about old photographs and using the textures in a collage piece.

Jades was involving bits and bobs from a memory box, using the colours to create a kaleidoscope effect.

Rasmas was about using the textures from old books.

All three ideas are great but for a conceptual piece i am really excited about exploring the prism fibre structure of silk. I want to incoperate the vintage/old textures in the piece though, this will something to explore when styling the shoots.

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